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Re: Shares with strange ACL settings

Corinna Vinschen writes:
> Cygwin is aware of them and access(2) explicitely checks for them.  That
> obviously doesn't help for applications like perl, who "know better"
> than the underlying OS how to evaluate perms.

Just for clarification, Perl doesn't "know better".  It's documented
that the file test operators only look at the mode bits and naver at the
ACL.  There's a pragma (use filetest qw/access/; # perldoc filetest)
that lets you use access for the tests instead, but it currently is an
unloved stepchild that doesn't let you use the stat cache (_) in tests
nor stacked file tests (-r -x), which use it.  The final nail in the
coffin is that with that pragma in effect you can only test filenames,
but not file handles.  So you really need to write your code from the
outset with that pragma in mind since it limits the use of test
operators so greatly.  At least they left the door open to a future
where the filetest pragma does something more sensible on systems that
rely to a larger extent on ACL.

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