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Re: 2.2.0:ls segfault:Windows 7(6.1)

Hi Fenn,

On Aug 13 11:29, Fenn wrote:
> I just updated my cygwin and I am getting a segfault when I do a "ls
> -l" on my c drive at the root.
> I don't get this if i do a "ls -l" in my home directory.
> I am including details from strace and info on my install (see below
> and attached).
> I also attached the "cygcheck -s -v -r > /tmp/cygcheck.out" file.
> Is there anything else I should report?

No idea if you can, unless you try to debug this.

>    31   75028 [main] ls 5696 acl32: 3 = acl(hiberfil.sys)

the acl call succeeded and then...

> --- Process 5696, exception c0000005 at 77BF0DBF crashes with a SEGV in a Windows DLL for some reason not visible
from the strace output.

It *might* have to do with a failing check on hiberfil.sys, but it could
just as well have to do with the next file in the dir or something
completely different.

I'm not sure I can reproduce this.  I have no such effect on amy of
my machines.  The only obvious difference is that I never hibernate my
machines so they don't even have a hiberfil.sys.

Assuming you call `ls -l <filename>' once for each file in /cygdrive/c,
can you reproduce which file triggers the crash?


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