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Re: commands spends time in cygheap_user

I hope, not to follow a red herring again, but found some interesting.

I did a fresh cygwin installation again but made an error not to copy my old
.bashrc and .bashrc-profile files.
Within .bashrc I defined an alias for ls (ls='ls --color=auto
I noticed, that the time lag has went away. After a "ls --color=auto", the
time lag appeared again.
Comparing the strace output with/without the color flag, I found that the
time lag at "cygheap_user::ontherange" has gone and it now appeared at a
ldap_bind [ldap_init] that was called in the context of a symbolic link to a
directory on a network share. The previous strace logs did not show a time
lag at this point, only at the cygheap_user entry. 

I deleted the "ln -s" entry and did not notice this big time lag any more
even with the color flag.

I restored the "old" v2.2.0 version and cannot find the previous logged time
As no files within the cygwin directory structure has been modified, it
seems, that some registry information has been "healed" by the multiple
fresh installations. 

PS: To do a fresh install I did a "backup" by renaming the original cygwin
folder. The "restore" was done by renaming the fresh installed cygwin folder
and renaming the previous "backuped" folder back to cygwin.

For me the issue is now closed. Thanks for your input.

Regards, Matthias

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