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Re: commands spends time in cygheap_user

On Aug 14 06:49, mku wrote:
> I hope, not to follow a red herring again, but found some interesting.
> I did a fresh cygwin installation again but made an error not to copy my old
> .bashrc and .bashrc-profile files.
> Within .bashrc I defined an alias for ls (ls='ls --color=auto
> --show-control-chars').
> I noticed, that the time lag has went away. After a "ls --color=auto", the
> time lag appeared again.
> Comparing the strace output with/without the color flag, I found that the
> time lag at "cygheap_user::ontherange" has gone and it now appeared at a
> ldap_bind [ldap_init] that was called in the context of a symbolic link to a
> directory on a network share. The previous strace logs did not show a time
> lag at this point, only at the cygheap_user entry. 
> I deleted the "ln -s" entry and did not notice this big time lag any more
> even with the color flag.
> I restored the "old" v2.2.0 version and cannot find the previous logged time
> lag. 
> As no files within the cygwin directory structure has been modified, it
> seems, that some registry information has been "healed" by the multiple
> fresh installations. 
> PS: To do a fresh install I did a "backup" by renaming the original cygwin
> folder. The "restore" was done by renaming the fresh installed cygwin folder
> and renaming the previous "backuped" folder back to cygwin.
> For me the issue is now closed. Thanks for your input.

Thank you for this important point.  That gives me an idea what
happens and I guess this is something which needs fixing.  These
checks should also only happen if passwd/group in nsswitch.conf
are set to "db".


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