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Re: Cygwin R usability

On 17/08/2015 15:41, foehn wrote:
Hi there,

I read that there were issues (mainly with the BLAS library) in the Cygwin port of R ( And till today the official R site has not been supportive of the Cygwin version of R (, while there are number of people using this "unofficial" port regardless of the caveats showed in the official R site ( A thread on Stack Overflow was posted asking about this "chaos" ( but nobody seemed to be able to address it fully as they are not Cygwin developers. Therefore I send this mail to the insiders and ask specifically for the current situation of the Cygwin port of R:

R developers have a peculiar view on Cygwin. For them what is not build by them is unsupported. In this view almost all cygwin software is unsupported.

-) Has the BLAS issue been addressed in the current Cygwin port of R?

Cygwin build use the integrated R BLAS patched, not Lapack one.
So handling of NaN is as expected by R.

-) Beside the BLAS issue, is there any additional problem? Can it pass the building test?

It pass most of tests. There are some failures on IO formatting, but I never investigated the root cause.

-) In short, is current Cygwin port of R (v3.1.3, 64-bit) usable in serious sense?

I expect so.
If you find any serious issue, let me know.

Thanks to the efforts for porting R to Cygwin and more thanks in advance to anybody responding to this mail,


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