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Re: Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

On Aug 21, 2015, at 6:37 AM, Sous Lesquels <> wrote:
>> It happened on the first run, with a 317x85 window and 9999 lines of scrollback buffer.
> OK, at least it's reproducible by one more person :)

A replicable bug is a dead bug.  All thatâs needed is for someone to spend the time to chase it down.

My interest stopped with replicating the bug.  I have no skin in the game beyond that.  I donât use anything but mintty these days, except when forced, and donât use Cygwin or Windows enough to miss tabs when I canât use an OS where the native terminal emulator has them.

> For various usability reasons (tabs being the biggest I think), I'm
> using ConEmu

Perhaps SuperPutty would work for you:

It claims to run putty as a subprocess, providing tabs and scp support on top of it.  Since mintty is a fork of putty, it might be a drop-in replacement, or an easy hack if not.

It appears to be written in C#, so I doubt it would be allowed to incorporate this code into mintty itself, though.

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