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Re: mintty hangs after exit

On 22/08/2015 05:05, John Hein wrote:
> Andrey Repin wrote at 02:05 +0300 on Aug 22, 2015:
>  > Just noticed a weird thing. Wonder if anyone can confirm or deny the issue.
>  >
>  > 1. Start mintty as `mintty.exe -` (i.e. login shell)
>  > 2. Execute a command. S.a. "ssh anywhere"
>  > 3. Exit all running apps. I.e. ^D out of all shells.
>  > 4. mintty remains running.
>  > There's no more child processes of it, nothing. It's just stuck around.
> I see that on occasion, but haven't pinned down reliable conditions
> for reproducing the symptom.  I'm using tcsh as shell (I'm not
> claiming a correlation necessarily).  What if you hit enter in the
> hung window?  That usually kicks things into gear causing the process
> / window to go away here.
> (I miss 'wchan' in ps output to give a clue what the process is
> doing / waiting on.)
I've had exactly the same problem for some time now.

I've only seen it happen after a secure shell client connection has been
running with the stalled mintty terminal. To the best of my knowledge,
it's not happened in any other circumstances.

No keystrokes within the mintty session I've found so far will close the

Any of the GUI ways of closing the window (single mouse click on the
close button at the right end of the title bar, double mouse click on
window icon at the left end of the title bar, Alt-F4 etc.) close the
window and the mintty process exits cleanly.

Not a massive problem but slightly annoying.

Cygcheck attached.

Sam Edge

Sam Edge

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