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Re: mintty hangs after exit

Am 22.08.2015 um 06:31 schrieb Sam Edge:
On 22/08/2015 05:05, John Hein wrote:
Andrey Repin wrote at 02:05 +0300 on Aug 22, 2015:
  > Just noticed a weird thing. Wonder if anyone can confirm or deny the issue.
  > 1. Start mintty as `mintty.exe -` (i.e. login shell)
  > 2. Execute a command. S.a. "ssh anywhere"
  > 3. Exit all running apps. I.e. ^D out of all shells.
  > 4. mintty remains running.
  > There's no more child processes of it, nothing. It's just stuck around.

I see that on occasion, but haven't pinned down reliable conditions
for reproducing the symptom.  I'm using tcsh as shell (I'm not
claiming a correlation necessarily).  What if you hit enter in the
hung window?  That usually kicks things into gear causing the process
/ window to go away here.

(I miss 'wchan' in ps output to give a clue what the process is
doing / waiting on.)

I've had exactly the same problem for some time now.
For weeks? Months? Since which version?

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