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Re: setup-x86_64.exe Unable to get setup.ini on all mirrors

Am 23.08.2015, 14:21 Uhr, schrieb Dennis Putnam:

Since I have gotten no response to this and am stuck I assume my problem
is badly worded. I don't know how else to present it. Perhaps someone
explaining how setup uses the windows network interface would help.

If it helps, I tried installing Cygwin from scratch and it will not even
download the list of mirrors. If I add a specific mirror I get the same
subject error message. Clearly setup is having trouble communicating on
the network and it is probably related to something left over from the

Have you tried to download setup.ini manually?

Are you able to access for example:

or any other mirror using a browser or wget? Maybe setup is blocked by something, maybe you can see it in the taskmanager.

Have you tried apt-cyg? That seems to do a better job than setup anyway, at least at uninstalling things (different issue), but needs a base-cygwin ;)



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