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Re: setup-x86_64.exe Unable to get setup.ini on all mirrors

Dennis Putnam writes:
>> Just to test if you can access it at all but that was expectable.
> OK. I have no networking problems with anything other than cygwin which
> is why I was asking for someone to explain how it interfaces with the OS
> network. This all started with the Lavasoft malware and I believe that
> is the key to resolving this. Perhaps I'll go to one of the virus help
> sites and see what they can find.

Basically you can start setup.exe with direct connection (the default),
IE proxy settings or by telling it the proxy host and port.  If you have
no connection either way, then it's hard to see why only setup.exe
wouldn't connect unless you have more malware on the computer, or it's
blocked by the firewall or some similar software.

>> You could open the taskmanager as admin and kill one obscure process
>> after another and try setup again.
> When I get a chance to reboot, I'll try it in safe mode with networking.

You didn't reboot after removing the malware via autoruns?  Then it
might still be active for already running processes.

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