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Re: js185 package problem (was Re: Seg Fault in strftime)

On Mon, 2015-08-17 at 10:10 +0200, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Aug 16 20:00, Michael Enright wrote:
> > I think the only reason there's a crash is because this
> > code is not enabled in cygwin's libmozjs185 for some reason.
> > 
> > I cloned the git repo that makes available and ran the
> > configure script. I was not able to build from the resulting setup,
> > but I was able to confirm that the HAVE_TM_ZONE_TM_GMTOFF macro is
> > defined. So the configure script does detect the members
> > on current Cygwin headers. Since that is the case the next step is to
> > look specifically at how libmozjs185 is built for distribution within
> > Cygwin.
> > 
> > Is there a possibility that the maintainer of Cygwin's library uses
> > hand-modified configure output to get around some problem, and that
> > stuff needs to be tweaked?
> Maybe the package just needs rebuilding.  Yaakov?

I have uploaded js185-1.0.0-4.  Please let me know if that helps.


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