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RE: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Early Deprecation Notice: Windows XP and Server 2003 support

> > Now that Windows 2003 is finally out of long term support, and given
> > that XP's much-too-long-term support ended 2014, I'll drop support for
> > XP and Server 2003 from Cygwin End of 2015.
> He - I'm still on XP!
So am I.  Windows 7 doesn't have some features I rely on and Windows 8.X was
a disaster.  Win 10 seems to be focused not on what users need, but on how
much Microsoft can squeeze out of their wallets.
> > reports which can't be reproduced on at least Windows Vista (was there
> > any XP-specific bug report in the last couple of years anyway?).
> Maybe because XP rules?
Definitely XP rules! XP may not be supported my Microsoft, but it is still
in use by a wide range of individuals and companies.  I'm sorry to hear that
Cygwin will not be supporting these users in the near future.
> > And during 2016 I will also slowly remove all the workarounds and
> > kludges necessary to keep these zombies running, thus simplifing the
> > codebase.
> Guess that's better than to stick with the kludges, migration to 10 is
> on the way.
>From what I've seen and heard W10, while mostly stable, still coerces users
towards the software as (an expensive) service model and follows the dictum
that Microsoft knows more about what you want than you do (default saves to
microsoft cloud storage, grabs your pictures for background slide show
without asking, etc.).
Their recent "security" patch that put machines in an endless reboot cycle
shows the company still hasn't focused on quality or customer needs instead
of corporate profits.  Win10 has no new innovations that customers need, few
if any actual security improvements, and a huge price tag in terms of
upgrades, expensive services, and retraining.  I'll stick with Win XP for a
while longer then switch to open source products and Linux when I must.  In
the mean time, I guess I will have to say a sad good-bye to Cygwin when they
Brian S. Wilson

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