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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Early Deprecation Notice: Windows XP and Server 2003 support

On 26 August 2015 at 07:42, Andrey Repin <> wrote:
> Greetings, Stephen John Smoogen!
>>> Anyway, on the topic: All I could ask is to give us a notice when the final
>>> build for XP is available, so that we could prepare own mirrors.
>> You will need more than mirrors. You will need to  set up a parallel
>> stack of builders and other tools because this will be a fork of
>> anything compiled against Cygwin from then on. You will also need to
>> look at how you are handling any bugs or problems utilities have in
>> rebuilding (but that is a longer term issue). Having had to do this in
>> the past, it will be better if you try to call this something
>> different. The reason being is that if you keep the name then when a
>> support ticket comes in from a user with Cygwin is it yours.. is it
>> the one they downloaded from the main site.. is it a version in
>> between?
> You're misunderstanding my daily use of Cygwin. I'm not compiling anything,
> not cygwin-related anyway.
> I'm using it as a bridging gap between sane scripting abilities of dash/make
> and insane requirements of compiling tools such as BRCC.
> And since Vista+ doesn't have support for 16-bit subsystem, I need XP VM to
> compile my projects.

Ah ok. If it is just a one man operation then an archive of the trees
at a certain time are all that is needed. If you have a large Windows
XP environment you are rolling out something to then you need to make
sure you can compile and deal with the 'forked' version... which I am
guessing that some segment of XP admins have to do.

Stephen J Smoogen.

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