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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Early Deprecation Notice: Windows XP and Server 2003 support

Greetings, Corinna Vinschen!

>> >> That doesn't solve the hotkeys bound at driver levels, unfortunately.
>> >> Half of my keyboard dead now thanks to the move to Win7.
>> > I don't understand this one.  Quick explanation, please, even if it's OT?
>> I was using Win+Arrows to switch between virtual desktops, and
>> Shift+Win+Arrows to move windows between desktops.
>> For years.
>> Decades even.
>> But SUDDENLY Microsoft decided that having such freedom is too much for the
>> user, or perhaps it was considered a security risk, I don't know.
>> I can no longer use these keys in userland.
>> Even if I disable the idiotic functionality that is bound to them by default,
>> I can't use these keys for anything else.

> Well, I guess you're supposed to do this by wiping over the screen with your
> fingertip...

> On a more serious note, I read

> Maybe one of AutoHotKey or KEYWIN2 are helpful?

I don't know about Keywin2, but how AHK combat it is it hooking directly to
window's mssaging queue and intercept everything.
It can even intercept win+R and Ctrl+Shift+Esc. But it can't repost the keys
back to application that require them.
And what I want the least, is that kind of hooking in my system, it screw more
than solve.

Ctrl+Alt+Tab is another "perfect" example of Microsoft ingenuity.
Like Alt+Tab, Alt+Esc and Win+Tab are all not enough to switch between windows.
No, they HAD to make Alt+Tab unusable, AND make ANOTHER hotkey to bring back
its original functionality.

That's about all hotkeys that I know are now lost to the userland.
You can no longer use them in your own applications, unless you go to a great
length of seducing the OS to your side.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, August 28, 2015 01:30:09

Sorry for my terrible english...

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