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Re: Updated [test]: coreutils-8.24-2

On 27/08/2015 21:33, Helmut Karlowski wrote:
> Did you mean: "The compiler-warning would inform you that the value is
> not set in a code-path"?

I'd agree if I was always in the position of starting projects from
scratch. All compiler warnings should be errors and disabling a compiler
warning has to have a valid justification during review, yes.

But try it with an existing code base. That's when you need
deterministic behaviour from your modifications with minimal disturbance
to anything else.

> That's why I usually try to avoid initializing auto-variables (and
> maybe save some bytes).

If you can afford the tech debt recovery time to change your compiler
warnings to errors or sift through the build output - and prove to your
QA/RA that you don't have to re-certify the product.

But you're unlikely to save any bytes using a modern compiler.

Anyway, we're off-topic so adieu.

-- Sam Edge

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