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Re: Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

On 08/27/2015 11:39 AM, Sous Lesquels wrote:
Thanks cyg Simple.

It depends on the level of support you want from this list

In this case, if Cygwin is supposed to work with the regular windows
console? If mintty was created due to Cygwin *not working as expected*
on default windows console, that's a good answer, as long as it's
correct. If Cygwin *should* work on default windows console, then I
would appreciate someone explaining if there's a workaround, if this
would be considered a candidate for development any time soon, things
like that.

I don't expect anything. I'm not paying others to develop. I do hope
the bugs are fixed, one way or another, as I use Cywgin daily, so of
course I'd like it to work in an environment I have and like.

I think you're misunderstanding where the limitation is coming from.
The console itself is limited in functionality compared to what's
expected of a terminal.  Cygwin can only do so much to smooth out
those limitations.  This particular issue is a corner case, perhaps
an extreme corner case.  If there is some work-around that could be
found and/or implemented, it's probably of limited value in general
so it's likely that someone with the itch will need to chase
this down and implement a workaround if possible.  Besides that, the
alternatives are to side-step the console limitations by using mintty
or take this upstream to ComEmu or MS.



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