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setup.exe -s site option not working for me

Dear Cygwin Users:

I currently run setup through a Windows shortcut that adds options 
-d -N to the standard command line. Being exposed recently to 
cygwinports, I was attempting to have separate shortcuts, one for 
regular cygwin and one for cygwinports. To distinguish between them, 
I tried adding -s <site> to the command-line options to specify the 
respective sites. Instead of working as I expected:
1. In the "Choose A Download Site" window, instead of simply auto-
selecting my regular site, it created a duplicate entry of the site; 
2. When I proceeded to the next step, it complained with "Unable to 
get setup.ini from <[site]>" and wouldn't let me proceed until I 
selected the other of the duplicated site names.

Perhaps my mission to have separate setup procedures for cygwin
and cygwinports is folly, but wondering if I am doing something
wrong or if the -s <site> option isn't working as it should.

--Ken Nellis

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