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Re: setup.exe -s site option not working for me

Greetings, Nellis, Kenneth!

> Dear Cygwin Users:

> I currently run setup through a Windows shortcut that adds options 
> -d -N to the standard command line. Being exposed recently to 
> cygwinports, I was attempting to have separate shortcuts,

Wasted effort.

> one for regular cygwin and one for cygwinports. To distinguish between them,
> I tried adding -s <site> to the command-line options to specify the 
> respective sites. Instead of working as I expected:
> 1. In the "Choose A Download Site" window, instead of simply auto-
> selecting my regular site, it created a duplicate entry of the site; 
> and
> 2. When I proceeded to the next step, it complained with "Unable to 
> get setup.ini from <[site]>" and wouldn't let me proceed until I 
> selected the other of the duplicated site names.

> Perhaps my mission to have separate setup procedures for cygwin
> and cygwinports is folly, but wondering if I am doing something
> wrong or if the -s <site> option isn't working as it should.

----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< ----- 8< -----

# Cygwin upgrade helper script.
# Usage:
# [ ports ]
# If you intend to use it for new installs, you will need minimal bootstrap
# including POSIX shell interpreter and wget utility.
# You will have to edit the script to provide mirror URL of your choice.
# The script assumes existing installation of the same architecture as
# the host operating system.
# If you want to install 32-bit Cygwin on 64-bit host, override
# $ARCH with value other than "x86_64".
# F.e.
#   ARCH=x86 ./

# Mirror URL - don't include trailing slash!

# System architecture.
ARCH="${ARCH:-$(uname -m)}"

# Localization is fine... as long as you don't show it to other people.
export LANG=C

if [ "$ARCH" != "x86_64" ]; then

wget -N "${ARCH}.exe";

if [ "$1" = "ports" ]; then
  KEYS="-K -s ""${MIRROR%%/}ports/"
./setup-${ARCH}.exe -O -s "${MIRROR%%/}/" $KEYS $* &

----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 ----- >8 -----

the only problem is that I have to manually kill last shell that is attached
to the setup.exe after the script ends, to allow clean upgrade.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, August 28, 2015 16:51:27

Sorry for my terrible english...

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