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Re: Some programs (vi, ssh) crash when screen buffer height is big

Thanks Larry.

> OK, good. We're on the same page then.  :-)

Indeed we are :)

>  it's hard to say there's going to be a good solution coming from Cygwin itself soon, unless there's some developer that wants to chase this in the near-term.

I certainly hope so. At least, to peek and determine if it's something
big or not. Console size to me sounds like some kind of buffer
overflow, not some intrinsically non-POSIX thing that MS console does.

This might even turn into a security issue if so. Hey, I have to get
this to be a high priority ;)

> I'm pretty sure that no-one actually meant to imply that you're an "ignorant quack".

Just "misunderstanding quack" then? :)

> this issue is likely to be viewed as relatively low priority, given the specifics of the issue and the alternatives.

Unfortunately agree with you on this, too...

> So I hope you find this feedback to be helpful in answering some of your inquiries.

It was helpful. Thanks for taking the time to reply, I appreciate that!

I'll go have a few more Cygwin crashes now ;) And hope endlessly till
some brave soul finds this thread :'( I'm off to other things, cheers!

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