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I've just installed cygwin on a Windows10 laptop and am experiencing a problem with tab completion under bash:

Indeed, bash-completion stops working past the space character when changing to a path that contains a space or an escaped space.

For example, I am in /cygdrive/c and type
$ cd Pro
-> pressing Tab key completes to "cd Program", pressing twice shows all directories with this "Program" prefix:
  Program Files/       Program Files (x86)/ ProgramData/

However, when I want to cd to "Program Files" and type:
$ cd Program\ F
-> pressing Tab does nothing: no completion, no suggestion.

I found a workaround by removing the _cd() function from /etc/bash_completion but clearly that is not a good way to solve this bug.

It is quite possible that tab_completion is not just broken with 'cd' and directories but it *may* also be broken for all files : I just haven't tried (sorry I'm running outta time).

I'm not the only one:

my setup: Windows 10 - bash 4.3.42 - everything was installed today (i.e. latest versions) ...

The fact that I'm using the latest versions AND that removing a function from /etc/bash_completion suggests that this is a bug...
:o) or maybe not ??? -> you tell me !

thanks in advance for your help.
P.S.: Will post more under the same subject if I can find some time during the week (maybe a patch).

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