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Re: [ANNOUNCEMENT] Early Deprecation Notice: Windows XP and Server 2003 support

On Wed, Aug 26, 2015 at 5:51 AM, Helmut Karlowski <>

> Corinna Vinschen
> Wed, 26 Aug 2015 11:32:14 +0200
> ---------------------------------------------------
> > Now that Windows 2003 is finally out of long term support, and given
> > that XP's much-too-long-term support ended 2014, I'll drop support for
> > XP and Server 2003 from Cygwin End of 2015.
> > And during 2016 I will also slowly remove all the workarounds and
> > kludges necessary to keep these zombies running, thus simplifing the
> > codebase.
> Guess that's better than to stick with the kludges, migration to 10 is
> on the way.
> -Helmut

Thank you for continuing to support them for so long.

Jon Turney and I were discussing that XWin still has code paths for
Windows 2000.

It's not that XWin checks the Windows version; it checks if a Windows
OS feature is available, and that feature was implemented in XP/2003.

Needless to say, those XWin code paths should be cleaned up. I don't
want to hijack this email thread though.


(I tried to send this email 4 days ago from my Android phone's GMail
app, but the app tried to send some weird combination of plaintext +
HTML. Thus sourceware rejected it for containing HTML. So I am resending
this email from Thunderbird, and CC'ing Jon this time.)

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