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Re: How to correctly rebase?

Warren Young writes:
> On Oct 14, 2015, at 8:17 AM, Dr Rainer Woitok
> <> wrote:
>>  telling me to place the list of absolute paths of my personal DLLs
>> into /var/lib/rebase/user.d/Rainerâ
> It doesnât actually care what the file is called.  I expect the only
> reason the docs tell you to name it that way is in case there are
> multiple users on the system, theyâre all running from a common Cygwin
> installation, and each may have their own set of customizations.


>> to run "rebase-trigger fullrebase" (it didn't advice to run this
>> from a privileged account, but I found out my- self)
> I donât see that itâs a foregone conclusion that admin privs are
> required for that step.  The file that script creates could be in a
> user-writeable directory.  Nevertheless, the maintainer of that doc
> file probably should consider mentioning the possibility.


> While investigating this, I found that the rebase mechanism isnât as
> robust as it should be.
> The core problem I ran into is that /var/cache/rebase and
> /var/lib/rebase/*.d didnât exist on my system, and this caused various
> complaints and failures.  I propose that the _autorebase maintainer
> add those directories to the package, so theyâre always available.

They actually are packaged, so I'm not sure why they wouldn't be
available on your system.  In other words you should see an "incomplete"
package from cygcheck and a re-installation should fix it.

> /var/cache/rebase is the critical one: without it, the rebase-trigger
> script canât set the trigger, so the rebasing will never happen.  The
> lack of the others just causes nonfatal complaints.

I'll check if I can just re-create the directory if it doesn't exist.

> (Which makes me wonder how it got broken, since the Windows VM I
> tested this on isnât used heavily, and was created not all that long
> ago.)

Maybe if you find something in /var/log/setup.log you could let me know.

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