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Re: [Attn: base-files maintainer] Changing /etc/profile to add more shell-dependent settings

Adam Dinwoodie writes:
> The only other option I can think of is to rename the .bash file to .sh
> and to patch it to check $BASH_VERSION before running the Bash-specific
> code.  That seems fragile though -- it means putting Bashisms in a
> script that may be run by non-Bash shells (even if it's gated by
> checking $BASH_VERSION), and it means a patch of the upstream fzf Bash
> script in a way that's essentially just duplicating code already in
> /etc/profile.

Sourcing that script would actually belong into /etc/bash.bashrc if I
understand correctly what this is supposed to do.  Unfortunaltely there
is no infrastructure set up to do this yet in bash.bashrc and simply
changing the file makes it non-upgradeable.  OTOH what I see there on my
Linux system is far too complicated for Cygwin, I'll have to think about
this some more.

> (The upstream solution to this is to add code to the user's ~/.bashrc to
> source the relevant scripts, but I don't think that's feasible when
> installing the scripts via setup-*.exe.)

No, that should indeed be left to the user.

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