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Re: setup.exe version 2.872 (32 bit) breaks vim on winxp

On Thu, 2015-10-15 at 17:04 -0600, omilu@SDF.ORG wrote:
> Vim won't start after perfomring an update with the latest setup.exe. I do 
> echo $? and it shows it exited with 127.

For future reference:

> This person 
> reported 
> he was able to fix the issue by installing clear.exe via the ncurses 
> library.  I checked and indeed I am missing clear.exe, I then installed it 
> by installing ncurses, I now have clear.exe, but vim still refuses to 
> start and still gives code 127.

Don't rely on Cygwin advice on third-party sites; much of it is bogus.

> I do strace vim and get a window popup vim.exe Entry Point not Found: The 
> procedure entry point sigalstack could not be located in the dll 
> cygwin1.dll

This indicates that your cygwin1.dll is out of date (current: 2.2.1-1).
Stop all Cygwin processes, including services, then run Cygwin Setup
again and allow it to upgrade all packages.  If the 'cygwin' package is
not listed for upgrade, choose to reinstall it.


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