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Re: Error Installing Cygwin (setup-x86_64.exe & setup-x86) - No setup.ini.sig found.

On 10/17/2015 1:06 PM, Achim Gratz wrote:
Ken Brown writes:
I maintain my own small repository at a remote site and mirror it on my local
machine.  It contains, for each architecture, setup.ini, setup.xz, and
setup.xz.sig.  Installation from the remote site works fine.  If I try to
install from my local mirror, setup complains that it can't find setup.ini.sig.
   I can install from the local mirror only if I add setup.ini.sig.

I install also from a local mirror, not signed ini files (yet) and I
haven't had any problems.  I happen to have installed a new machine just
this week so I know this also works OK.  If there is a setup.xz,
setup.ini shouldn't even be looked at and consequently no setup.ini.xz
file should be required.

And even then, setup doesn't seem to work right on the local mirror.
The only choices it gives me on the local packages are "Keep" and

That would indicate it hasn't actually found any packages in whatever it
used as setup.ini.  What's your directory layout?  I can't make any
sense of what's happening for you.  Your local mirror should look like:


and setup should be pointed at "mirror".

OK, doing it that way works. But if I add setup.ini alongside setup.xz and setup.xz.sig, then setup complains about not finding setup.ini.sig.

Also, having to point setup at "mirror" is a major change from the way local installs used to work. I have the following structure:

download directory

and I have always pointed setup at "download directory" for a local install. In the past, this would then pick up the packages from all the http directories as well as from "mirror". Was it a deliberate change that this no longer works? This change is probably what's behind the problem the others in this thread have reported.


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