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Re: Error Installing Cygwin (setup-x86_64.exe & setup-x86) - No setup.ini.sig found.

Ken Brown writes:
> OK, doing it that way works.  But if I add setup.ini alongside
> setup.xz and setup.xz.sig, then setup complains about not finding
> setup.ini.sig.

It shouldn't, at least not without complaining about a missing
setup.xz.sig first.  Does it make a difference if you use the "-m"

> Also, having to point setup at "mirror" is a major change from the way
> local installs used to work.  I have the following structure:
> download directory
>   http...
>   http...
>   mirror
> and I have always pointed setup at "download directory" for a local
> install.  In the past, this would then pick up the packages from all
> the http directories as well as from "mirror".  Was it a deliberate
> change that this no longer works? This change is probably what's
> behind the problem the others in this thread have reported.

No, that is explicitly supported (multiple mirrors), setup iterates
through the mirror list (first level of your download directory) in this
case.  I've just tested again that this works for me, with my local
Cygwin+Cygport mirror.  They work as expected with (adding the
ports.pgp) and without (using the "-X" switch).

All your subdirectories should have the structure discussed previously.
Please pay attention as to what files setup actually complains about
(for instance if it cannot read or decompress or doesn't find
the signature file in one mirror, it will try to use setup.ini as

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