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Re: How to correctly rebase?

On 10/18/2015 7:14 AM, Dr Rainer Woitok wrote:
Ken and Others,

On Friday, 2015-10-16 11:07:58 -0400, Ken Brown wrote:

On 10/16/2015 8:58 AM, Ken Brown wrote:
As Warren and Achim have both suggested, you may just have too many DLLs for
32-bit Cygwin.

Just to make sure: Are we talking  about Windows and Windows application
DLLs PLUS Cygwin and  Cygwin application DLLs?   Or are we  just talking
about Cygwin and Cygwin application DLLs?

Just Cygwin and Cygwin application DLLs.

                 Can you uninstall some unneeded packages?

I'm sure I can.  In the course of  using Cygwin I've installed plenty of
packages and  have also uninstalled  some again.   And each  package in-
stalled has also  installed all the packages  it depends on,  while each
package deinstalled has naturally left all its dependees on my system.

Question:  is there some command  line tool which lists all dependencies
for a given package?   I could then  write a small  shell script to find
out the list of  packages which are not  required by any  other package.
And if I then  find packages  in this list  which I don't  require, too,
I've found some candidates ...

Install the cygcheck-dep package and use the script /usr/bin/cygcheck-dep.

                                                            Or switch to 64-bit

Well, it's a bit strange: the hardware in fact IS 64 bit,  but the Vista
running on it is 32 bit,  because this laptop  is a convertible and some
of the tablet  specific drivers,  for instance for the stylus,  were (at
least five years ago) only available as 32  bit versions.  So the quest-
ion is:  what does 64 bit Cygwin require?   Only any Windows on a 64 bit
hardware or a 64 bit Windows on a 64  bit hardware?   I suspect it's the
latter ...

Yes, I think so.

By the way, I don't think you have yet attached cygcheck output as requested in

You are right.  That was mainly because my initial problem wasn't of the
kind "What's wrong with my Cygwin installation?"  but rather of the kind
"What's wrong with my way to rebase my Cygwin DLLs?".  I've appended the
output below,  and I really hope  you're right,  and somebody  will spot
something there ...

In the future, please follow the instructions, which say to send the cygcheck output as an *attachment*. This is to avoid bogus hits when people search the archives.

The only things that jump out at me are the ZoneAlarm warning (which you already know about) and the fact that you do indeed have a large number of packages installed.


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