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Re: Why package cache is not used during setup download?

Greetings, Aleksey Midenkov!

>>> Cygwin setup process my turn to endless retry-error on bad internet
>>> channels, because:
>>> 1. setup doesn't know how to retry download (why it fails to download anyway?);
>> Because your internet is bad?

> On the second thought I believe that the problem is with setup.exe
> itself. Because:

> a) I tried different mirrors. It always fails in somewhere between
> 80-90% (of total progress).
> b) I never noticed any problems with downloading files except with
> Cygwin. Gigabyte-sized files via http are downloading without fail.

If you get consistent results from different mirrors (and since you're the
only person reporting it), my second thought is that it is a local issue.
Overly zealous antivirus/firewall coming to mind.

>>> 2. setup doesn't use cache of previously downloaded files and always
>>> redownload all packages from the beginning.
>> It do use cache, if checksum is correct.

> Hmmm, on setup.ini doc says:

> install: filename size-in-bytes MD5 sum

As David pointed out already, MD5 hash proven weak and is no longer used in
sensitive environments.

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Monday, October 26, 2015 14:45:39

Sorry for my terrible english...

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