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Am 27.10.2015 um 10:27 schrieb Corinna Vinschen:
That test is almost as bad as it can ever get.  Given that enumerating all
AD accouts with mkpasswd takes about 2 hours and I'm doing something very
similar here, I'm not even surprised.  I was more surprised to see the
server go so fast, but my guess is that it can use jumbo frames to talk to
the AD.

Ok, so you don't seem to think this is a major drawback.

I didn't say I would not like to see it run faster. But considering the alternatives, working correctly all the times at the current speed seems to cover my more typical uses a lot better.

No worries.  I'm mulling over the idea to release 2.3.0 this week
without the new ACL handling code to get the latest fixes out of the
door first and push this stuff into a 2.4.0 release in November.

As long as you keep reminding us which snapshot has the new ACL handling code, that is OK with me. I will want to push out the snapshot in a week or two and remove some of my workarounds for ACL corrections and/or noacl mounted directories in order to see if these things are working now for real.

Given the above result, I'm wondering if we can afford using AuthZ at
all.  OTOH I don't see any other way to get the correct POSIX permissions
>from a non-Cygwin ACL :(

If you really want fast but incorrect there's always the "noacl" mount

Right.  OTOH, maybe we could enhance the "acl" mount option?

"acl" -> "quickacl" -> "noacl"?

Let's worry about that middle ground scenario when the ACL code has proven itself. The danger here is that the edge cases that will make problems are not easy to spot before you run into them


(on the road :-)

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