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Re: How to install a custom permanent postinstall handler?

Eric Blake writes:
> Since I maintain both dash and bash, I'm game for setting up /bin/sh as
> an alternative. However, I've never targeted the alternatives system
> before as a package maintainer; any advice on docs or an example that I
> could copy from?  I would probably make the defaults give bash higher
> priority over dash, but with the alternatives in place, it would be easy
> for a local user to swap the priorities on their system; I'd probably
> also want to provide a convenience script to make swapping default sh an
> easier task than users having to actually call directly into the
> alternatives system.

You could look at Emacs.  It has all the components you ask about for
making either emacs-nox, emacs-w32 or emacs-x11 the default (only the
latter two have helper scripts).

man alternatives

The alternatives package is currently orphaned and should probably get
an update to use hardlinks or copies for DLL, then it would become
usable for switching between BLAS/LAPACK implementations.  I have that
on my list of things to update for some time now, but if somebody beats
me to it I would not complain (it's in the utils directory for Debian
dpkg if you're wondering).

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