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Re: pass arguments enclosed with double quotes from bash shell to windows program

On 4/2/2016 2:59 PM, Cary Lewis wrote:
I need to start acrobat from a bash shell.

Acrobat needs some of its parameters to be enclosed with double
quotes. This is needed to automatically open and print a pdf.

When I try to do that directly from a bash shell, I can't get it to
pass arguments enclosed with the double quotes.

It will do that for arguments with spaces in them, but for single word
arguments, it doesn't

If I try to do a \", then it passes the \" to the windows app.

The only workaround I've come up with so far, is to create a batch
file in the bash shell, and then invoke it with a cmd /c batch.bat

But there should be a way to control how arguments are passed.

Does anyone have any ideas.

Have you tried:  '"arg"' ? bash should strip the ' ' and leave the " ".
Also, what about "\"foo\"" ?

My experiments with this suggest that they work.  I tried invoked a .bat
file that echoes its first argument, and it did show "\"foo\"", but I
suspect that is how echo renders "foo", i.e., it wraps it in quotes and
backslash protects the quotes.

Here's a function I use for invoking acrobat from the bash command line:

function acrobat () {
  local ARG
  [ -n "$1" ] && { ARG="$(cygpath -wa "$1")"; shift; }
  command acrobat ${ARG:+"${ARG}"} "$@" > /dev/null &

For it to work, acrobat needs to be on your path (I put a link in a directory
that is on my path).  Anyway, works fine for me to pop up acrobat displaying
a file.  I've not tired an incantation for printing ...

Best -- Eliot Moss

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