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Re: postgresql - How do I upgrade Postgres database in Cygwin? - Server Fault

On 04/04/2016 21:49, Chloe wrote:
Can you please change the Postgres packages to use postgres94,
postgres95, postgres96, etc. names? Each version is incompatible with
the previous. This will allow installing Postgres in separate binary
directories to enable upgrades. Alternatively, please increase the
'previous version' history to allow installing old versions. Setup only
has 1 previous version, and if the current version is 9.5.2 and the
previous version is 9.5.1, then there is no way (or very difficult) to
install 9.4!

Hi Chloe,

setup can only manage 1 previous version anyway.

postgres94, postgres95, postgres96 solution will force me to maintain
multiple versions, and I have not the bandwith to manage that.

I uploaded again the 9.4.5 previous version at

You can use that for downgrade your installation.


PS: I suggest you to subscribe
(from )

so that future upgrade won't catch you by surprise anymore.

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