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Re: Windows file share under Cygwin?

On Apr  5 05:04, Deni wrote:
> Hi, I have an issue with mounting Windows file share in Cygwin.
> We have Windows file share which is using NFS to share content. I was 
> assigned to install Cygwin on it so some application can connect over SFTP 
> to that server.
> Now they need to access the shared folder from that application and the 
> app would pull data from that folder.The thing is that the folder is 
> Windows shared folder (exmple; \\server\photos\). the current Windows 
> users need to be able to connect to that share (it is mapped to their M 
> drive) and the app need to connect to SFTP and pull the data from there.

So I take it that you already have the Windows NFS client installed.
Is it the builtin MS NFS client or a third-party NFS client?

Either way, you already have access to the share from Cygwin either
using the /cygdrive/m path, or the //server/share path, which also
works OOTB.

> My idea was to mount that NFS share in Cygwin and set it as /home 
> directory so when the app connects, it automatically goes there.
> My questions are: is this possible,


>and does anyone know any better solutions?

Nobody really can answer *that* question.  It depends on what your users
are doing.  A local home dir always has speed advantages, so it's more
about your users complaining or not if you do it that way.

As for how to do that, I suggest to take a look into

If you utilize AD you can keep the maintainance centralized easily.


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