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Re: /bin/rebaselst: cannot create /var/cache/rebase/rebase_lst: Permission denied

Houder <houder <at>> writes:
> But I am missing some "Unix logic" here:
>   - I modified the permissions of the files (chmod u+x)

What makes you think that these files should be executable?

>   - invoked setup (using -B)
>      - rebaselst is content now, though
>      - it creates the same files '666' !!!!!

They don't need to be executable.  It's all just text, and mode 666 means
read and writable to everyone.  In fact they are later made read-only since
they are written to just once on creation and then moved to .old on the next

>   - again, I invoke setup (using -B)
>   - now rebaselst complains ...

It complains about not being able to write to a file it creates with
writable permission.  I can't see how that can happen nor how it's the fault
of rebaselst if it does.  It seems that maybe setup can't write the ACL
changes that go along with the chmod, which would indicate that it's not
invoked as the same user that owns the directory (which, given the ACL
you've shown is the only one with that right).

> As the files were created with the wrong permissions, I am not 
> surprised.

For the wrong reason, I suppose.


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