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Re: Re-install of cygwin today 4/7/16 and xterm missing

On 08/04/2016 02:13, REBSTOCK, ROLAND wrote:
All, I reinstalled Cygwin on my win7 workstation and though I can
start a X server, when I right click the X icon in the task menu I no

I guess you are starting the X server directly, rather than using startxwin?

longer have a option to start a xterm.  What I found is I have to
access CygwinX via start menu and then click on xterm which then

I think you meant to write something other than 'xterm' here, but I'm not sure what...

starts up a new X applications menu and then I can launch a xterm by
going to systemtool/xterm.  Can I get it back to the way it was with

System Tools/Xterm ?

the the X server in the task bar at the bottom and just right click
to open a xterm?  Unsure why I now have 2 different icons in my task

This is noted in [1] as a change in 1.18.0-1: 'Remove the "Applications" submenu from the default XWinrc for new installations, as redundant to xwin-xdg-menu.'

The X applications menu is supposed to be an improvement, as the X applications menu automatically lists installed X applications, rather than a manually edited fixed list.

If you really want to restore the previous behaviour, you can copy /etc/X11/system.Xwinrc to ~/.XWinrc and change it as follows:

--- system.XWinrc.old   2016-04-08 14:19:23.667013700 +0100
+++ system.XWinrc       2016-04-08 14:20:05.839995700 +0100
@@ -81,17 +81,17 @@
 // own configuration file.

 // Make some menus...
-# menu apps {
-#      xterm   exec    "xterm"
-#      "Emacs" exec    "emacs"
-#      notepad exec    notepad
-#      xload   exec    "xload -display %display%"  # Comment
-# }
+ menu apps {
+       xterm   exec    "xterm"
+       "Emacs" exec    "emacs"
+       notepad exec    notepad
+       xload   exec    "xload -display %display%"  # Comment
+ }

 menu root {
-//     "Applications"  menu    apps
+       "Applications"  menu    apps
 // Comments fit here, too...


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