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Re: strange behaviour of 'ls'

Am 08.04.2016 um 20:52 schrieb Achim Gratz:
Thomas Wolff writes:
Like for grep which now barfs out when a character isnât recognized in
the current encoding (and grep doesnât even provide an environment
variable to override this mis-feature), these assumedly-modern
upstream changes are a nuisance.
You are barking up the wrng tree, please take that upstream.
I was just discussing some background, pointing out this is an upstream nuisance.

For ls at least, it can be fixed with the environment variable
QUOTING_STYLE but that isnât even mentioned in the manual page!%Ââ
â Poor old Unix tradition fades away.

What about adding
export QUOTING_STYLE=literal
to /etc/profile as a fix?
No, but you're free to do whatever you wish in /etc/profile.d (or lobby
the coreutils maintiner to provide it with the package, although I'd
suggest that it shouldn't get installed by default).
I wouldn't ask the maintainer for a change with such an impact without discussing it in the community first, of course everybody can set up their own environment anyway.

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