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Re: Query of type of memcpy (and sys_errlist) on Cygwin

Am 10.04.2016 um 05:14 schrieb Tatsuro MATSUOKA:
The topic was discussed on gnuplot mailing list.
Frorm discussion there (the topic is now pending.) ,
I decided ask here.
In compling gnuplot I have met errors:
../../gnuplot/src/stdfn.h:67:8: error: conflicting types for 'memcpy'
  char * memcpy __PROTO((char *, char *, size_t));

Before everybody gets entirely confused, let me interject that this is quite certainly not an actual problem about the memcpy() declaration itself, but rather an extremely surprising failure of an autoconf-generated configure script.

The configure script in question never failed like that in years of usage. Well, setting aside occasional, remarkably stubborn rebase problems with Cygwin's Perl DLLs, that is. See the thread "makeinfo causes perl error ? Cygwin X86 download todayâ" from last week, also started by Tatsuro Matsuoka.

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