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RE: Octave segmentation fault when plotting graph

Marco -- I've just tried that, rolling dri-drivers back to 11.0.9-1 and it works.

Thank you for such rapid responses... hope this helps the developers/package maintainers.


On 12/04/2016 14:24, Marco Atzeri wrote:

    On 12/04/2016 13:53, Stephen Wilkinson wrote:

        Tatsuro: I tried to roll back to earlier version of Cygwin (all
        packages) but that broke several other things.

        Marco: I confirm that was broken for 32-bit. I've just installed
        Cygwin 64-bit and Octave works as expected. I got crashes with fltk
        and qt graphic toolkits, but I admit I didn't try gnuplot. All was
        working fine until I updated -- I can't remember what version of
        Octave I was running but 4.0.0 sounds about right.


    I guess Tatsuro was thinking to revert only cygwin package to 2.4.1.
    I just tried and it makes no difference.

    the segfault seems in the X libraries

    #1  0x43934357 in gallium_dri!__driDriverGetExtensions_swrast ()
        from E:/cygwin/lib/dri/

Reverting dri-drivers to 11.0.9-1 seems to solve the issue.

can you give a check ?


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