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Re: Mintty font problem

Am 11.04.2016 um 22:40 schrieb Thomas Wolff:
Am 11.04.2016 um 14:43 schrieb KARL BOTTS:

Perhaps related to font issues in mintty: In .minttyrc is a new property
which means you had configured the bold version of the font.
after I installed Cygwin 2.4.1-1 and mintty 2.3.5. (I noticed,
only because I have home dir files in revision control.) I too use Lucida Console.
  With the 700, the font looked visibly "skinny" to me.
actually, rather the normal, non-bold font. The new font weight adjustment apparently enforces that although you selected bold (unless an even bolder weight would exist in the font family). Maybe the font selection should be tweaked to allow selecting a bold font even at the cost of not having a bolder variant available.
Actually, it does allow that, as can be seen with some other fonts. The issue with Lucida Console is that it does not have a bold weight, so there is only the Normal (400) weight which is then selected by the new font weight tweaking algorithm.

I set it to 800, looks fine now.  No problem, just tinkering required.
This is obviously inconsistent with the behaviour of mapping 700 to Normal.


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