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Re: native Linux userland in Windows 10

KARL BOTTS scripsit:

> Remember, they have tried basically the same thing at least twice
> before: the "POSIX Subsystem" of WinNT, and the "Unix Tools for Windows".

Actually, Microsoft hasn't.  The Posix subsystem never did anything
useful and was just a cynical hack to satisfy government checklists.
Must support Posix -- check.  But most limits were set as low as they
could go.  OpenNT/Interix/WSU was a third-party product, and was an
entirely separate implementation of Posix, not quite matching any existing
OS.  I ported a large proprietary Linux C++ program to it as a proof
of concept, and there were a lot of issues but it did eventually work.
The intention here is to match the Linux kernel, at least up to a point
(and nobody knows what that point is).

> I could be wrong.  I'll give it a year or two to settle, and then give it a
> try.  I just hope it does not interfere too much with my Cygwin setup, which I
> expect to keep for the foreseeable future.

It definitely doesn't affect Cygwin in any way.

John Cowan
"Your honour puts yourself to much trouble correcting my English and
doubtless the final letter will be much better literature; but it will
go from me Mukherji to him Bannerji, and he Bannerji will understand it a
great deal better as I Mukherji write it than as your honour corrects it."
        --19th-century Indian civil servant to his British superior

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