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Re: Cygwin-2.5.0 net share wbadmin no longer working post update

I am sorry, I was not clear.
On the original script I am using -backuptarget=\\\\SERVERNAME\\PATH\\TO\\SHARE
to avoid the use of quotes. I have several cygwin version installed
across multiple windows nodes. All of them work correctly.

On the 2 new cygwin-2.5.0 nodes using the same script (already working
with 2.4.0 and older) does not work. One was a cygwin upgrade, and the
other was a clean install.

What I mean to say, it was that given the number of computers running
this script across systems that can not be access remotely, the
solution that would be practical for us to find, would be one that we
can be attached to a set of cygwin-2.5.0 installation instructions. I
really appreciate all of the assistance I can get. I hope I did not
sound dismissive.

Just as an update, even if I connect directly via ssh to the node and
and run either:

/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin START BACKUP -user:USERNAME
-password:PASSWORD -backuptarget:'\\SERVERNAME\PATH\TO\SHARE'
-allCritical -systemstate -quiet
/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin START BACKUP -user:USERNAME
-password:PASSWORD -backuptarget:\\\\SERVERNAME\\PATH\\TO\\SHARE
-allCritical -systemstate -quiet

it does not work. I do understand what you mean that SSH will strip the quotes.
Whatever the solution is, I am interested in finding it. The next
thing I am going to try is to roll back some windows updates to see if
that is responsible for the issues.

Any other suggestion, ideas and solutions would be appreciated.


On Thu, Apr 14, 2016 at 3:10 PM, Achim Gratz <> wrote:
> Alexandria Gutierrez writes:
>> I also have a feeling it has something to do with the way ssh is
>> sending the single quotations over to windows.
> The ssh will never see those single quotes since they're stripped out by
> the shell, so it can't send them over to Windows anyway.  You have to
> add at least another level of quotes.
>> My main concern is that prior to cygwin-2.5.0 it was working
>> correctly, with out any changes, and I have tested on multiple
>> machines.
> Whatever did change, your expectations about the handling of these
> quotes seems to be at odds with reality.
> Regards,
> Achim.
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