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Re: native Linux userland in Windows 10

Greetings, John Cowan!

> Andrey Repin scripsit:

>> Which means, I can't call diff between files on my file manager's two panels?

> What on earth does that mean?

Welcome, poor child of a big blue button. Let me introduce you into my world.
The world, where file managers help you manage files.

> In any case, though it is hard to be sure (no /etc/fstabs file), I
> think that /mnt/c is hardwired into lxss, not the result of a Linux-level
> mount operation.

Right now, I hit Alt+Shift+D, which invokes a short macro calling menu entry
view:<? diff -x "CVS" -x ".svn" -I "\$Id.*\$" -I "\$Rev.*\$" -I "\$Date.*\$" -I "\$Author.*\$" -I "\$URL.*\$" -I "^Orbiting .*$" !?$UnixDiff$Options ((-c, -b etc.)):?! --strip-trailing-cr -- "!#!\!.!" "!^!\!.!"
and get two files (or directories) on opposite panels diffed into an internal
viewer. Because Cygwin diff consume normal Windows paths without an issue.

>> At the same time, you could run any given VM and get much better options and
>> choices.

> Of course.  And you could have even more options and choices with a
> separate Linux box.

How is this relevant to the discussion?

With best regards,
Andrey Repin
Friday, April 15, 2016 01:30:47

Sorry for my terrible english...

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