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Re: Warning "Font has limited support for character ranges" on every new window since yesterday

On 15.04.2016 06:03, LLoyd wrote:
Thank you for your message, Thomas.

I can install .fon files without problem here on Win7 (by dropping them into the fonts folder)
Window popup on all my systems:
Cannot install gohufont-14.fon
The file '...\gohufont-14.fon' does not appear to be a valid font.

I tried to install the ones from koemaeda, but ran into some problems:
- I can only install one at a time
They seem to have all the same name. You would need the -uni- version only anyway but have to decide for one size (11 or 14).

- Whichever I install, I cannot set the correct font size (which would
be 6.5pt for the '11px' one and 8.5pt for the '14px' one)
- Whenever I use another size (smaller than 13 for the 11px one or 17
for the 17px one), the displayed letters are blurry
Of course, because they are pixel fonts. That should be the same with the .fon versions. I wonder anyhow why you'd wish to use pixel fonts nowadays...

- Sometimes, I cannot see the font inside putty's text font menu
- Sometimes, I cannot see the font inside Windows's Fonts directory

In any case, this can be summed up as "these TTF fonts are broken" and
this is not the place for me to ask for support.
I will continue experimenting and possibly ask koemaeda for support.
Only the -uni- versions should be distributed and the two fonts should have distinct names or they cannot be installed both.

Meanwhile, I have three questions:
- What was the package upgrade that caused me to get this warning? In
case I don't find a solution, I'll just downgrade it...
Actually, although there was some trouble with the new warning and it has meanwhile been tamed to border cases (2.3.3), nobody has requested to remove the warning alltogether (and I would hesitate to do that only for a broken pixel font).
- Is it possible to set non-whole number as font size?
At the Windows API, the unit is different from pt, so some tricky calculations could be possible but not to the granularity of 0.1.
Not supported by mintty.
- Do you think font weights could help me get a correct setting even with these TTF fonts?
No, the weight would not affect the height.

Kind regards,

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