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Re: native Linux userland in Windows 10

Andrey Repin scripsit:

> Of course, it is efficient.
> More efficient, than starting a shell each time I need to diff a file.
> Or 2-3 shells, if you call a wrapper. Which is least efficient, considering
> retarded CMD quoting rules.

I always have 2-3 shells running, more if I am editing a lot of files.
But you live in a GUI world and I live in a CLI world.  This very email,
for example, like almost all my personal emails, is being written from
inside mutt using 'ex'.

And no, cmd does not count as a shell.

> Moral is a relative category.

If you don't know what "moral equivalent" means, either say so or look it up.


John Cowan
Nobody expects the RESTifarian Inquisition!  Our chief weapon is
surprise ... surprise and tedium  ... tedium and surprise ....
Our two weapons are tedium and surprise ... and ruthless disregard
for unpleasant facts....  Our three weapons are tedium, surprise, and
ruthless disregard ... and an almost fanatical devotion to Roy Fielding....

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