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Re: Cygwin-2.5.0 net share wbadmin no longer working post update

I been working on this today and have figured a few things out:

The issue appears to be only be affecting us when we use ssh keys to
authenticate. When we do not have keys for authentications the command
gets executed successfully:

Here is the full command I am sending over ssh:

ssh USER@cygservername -q -n -v '/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin
DELETE CATALOG -quiet ;  [[ -f /cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/nfsadmin
]] && /cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/nfsadmin client stop ;
/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin START BACKUP -user:USER
-password:PASSWORD -backuptarget:\\\\SERVERNAME\\PATH\\TO\\SHARE
-allCritical -systemstate -quiet;  [[ -f
/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/nfsadmin ]] &&
/cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/nfsadmin client start' 2>&1

When I have ssh keys available for USER to authenticate without a
password, I reseive the same error:

"ERROR - The user name or password is unexpected because the backup location
is not a remote shared folder."

But when I remove the keys, and I am prompted for password, the
command executes correctly.

This is very strange, and I am not quite sure that could be triggering this.
Event viewer does not show anything.

Is there anyway I can enable debug on sshd? for example /usr/bin/ssh -d ?

Thank you again for the ongoing assistance

On Fri, Apr 15, 2016 at 1:10 AM, Achim Gratz <> wrote:
> Alexandria Gutierrez writes:
>> On the original script I am using -backuptarget=\\\\SERVERNAME\\PATH\\TO\\SHARE
>> to avoid the use of quotes. I have several cygwin version installed
>> across multiple windows nodes. All of them work correctly.
> That only takes care of the first level of quote removal and escape
> processing.  This already takes place on the Linux box where you send
> the command.  The command sent through ssh will consequently come out as
> -backuptarget=\\SERVERNAME\PATH\TO\SHARE on the other side.  This gets
> again processed by some shell (whatever you've configured as the login
> shell for your user that ssh logs in as and also the shell the user runs
> on the local machine).  So, depending on how exactly things are
> configured, you'll likely end up with something like
> -backuptarget=\SERVERNAMEPATHTOSHARE (the single backslashes might stay
> in some cases).
>> On the 2 new cygwin-2.5.0 nodes using the same script (already working
>> with 2.4.0 and older) does not work. One was a cygwin upgrade, and the
>> other was a clean install.
> You seem to be relying on some side effect / configuration that is
> present on the older installs, but not the newer.  The difference is
> most likely what the system determines as your passwd entry and any
> startup scripts that user may have.  Also, it makes a difference of
> whether you request a TTY for the ssh process or not.
>> Just as an update, even if I connect directly via ssh to the node and
>> and run either:
>> /cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin START BACKUP -user:USERNAME
>> -password:PASSWORD -backuptarget:'\\SERVERNAME\PATH\TO\SHARE'
>> -allCritical -systemstate -quiet
>> or
>> /cygdrive/c/windows/Sysnative/wbadmin START BACKUP -user:USERNAME
>> -password:PASSWORD -backuptarget:\\\\SERVERNAME\\PATH\\TO\\SHARE
>> -allCritical -systemstate -quiet
> Since it seems you really need two levels of quotes and the wbadmin
> command does not need to have quotes in it (just guessing, and it may
> actually need another pair of quotes if the path contains spaces), maybe
> -backuptarget:"'\\SERVERNAME\PATH\TO\SHARE'"
> is enough.
>> it does not work. I do understand what you mean that SSH will strip
>> the quotes.
> If you want to see the command line that ssh gets, you
> can add "-v" to the invocation.  If you want to see what gets run on the
> other side, try some variant of
> ssh -v user@host /bin/procps -elfww\; your_command
> Regards,
> Achim.
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