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Re: Permissions change concern

On 4/17/2016 5:38 PM, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, Eliot Moss!

Dear Corinna (et al.):  I have set up to use a separate group that I call
Cygwin for files in my cygwin tree, and in the recent past have been able to
apply chown, chgrp, and chmod effectively.  With the latest version, chmod
fails to change permissions, though I can change them with setfacl (a pain).

I may be shooting in the dark, but do try to set "Cygwin" as your user's
primary group.
Instructions how to do so should be around nsswitch documentation.
If I'm not confusing things. Sorry. It was well before 2.0 I fixed my ACL
issues and didn't touched them settings since.

Ok ... I used:

net user moss /comment:'<cygwin group="Cygwin"/>'

which did change the description field of the SAM user account information.

However, it did not affect the behavior of chmod (I did, of course, end all
Cygwin processes and restarted them).

Regards -- EM

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