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Re: Invalid relocation for xpdf

Jaakov Jaakov writes:
> Mark, thanks!
> But, unfortunately:
> /usr/bin$ rebase --base=0xf7300000 cygXt-6.dll 
> ReBaseImage (/usr/bin/cygXt-6.dll) failed with last error = 6
> rebase -i *.dll outputs no stars at all (see the attachment). 
> Is there, perhaps, a chance for a permanent solution?

Sorry but my suspicion expressed earlier, that there's an address 
collision, was incorrect.  The rebase source code shows it's a Windows 
error code being reported, and it's Windows' ReBaseImage64() function 
itself having some issue operating on the cygXt-6.dll file.  Do you have 
write access to that file and its directory?

The "last error = 6" means ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE and just concerns your 
machine.  It is unrelated to the root issue of a relocation problem.

A permanent solution would involve somebody debugging why our toolchain 
generates relocation entries too small for the address range we support.  
Obviously relocation on 64-bit works the vast majority of the time or 
we'd be inundated with problem reports.  Your report is the easiest way 
to demonstrate the root issue so thank you for reporting it!

Anyone curious to dig into this, here's the recipe:
    - install xpdf with setup*.exe
    - try to run it, no X server needed, no args needed
If it runs without complaint, or runs and complains "Can't open 
display", there's no issue on your machine.  But if you instead 
immediately get a Cygwin runtime error mentioning relocation, you're 
seeing this issue.


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