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Don't descend into a flame war. was: Re: native Linux userland in Windows 10

On 17.04.2016 23:27, Andrey Repin wrote:
Greetings, John Cowan!

Andrey Repin scripsit:

Of course, it is efficient.
More efficient, than starting a shell each time I need to diff a file.
Or 2-3 shells, if you call a wrapper. Which is least efficient, considering
retarded CMD quoting rules.

I always have 2-3 shells running,

Having shells running, and having 2-3 shells start between a request and the
result is not quite the same thing, don't you think?

more if I am editing a lot of files.

Having shells running for file editing? Sorry, what year you are living in?

Editors like vim and others do have advances that other editors don't
have. It's not a question of year, it's a question of preference.
And of whether one goes over a high learning curve (like you also did,
i know) or a shallow one and stays there. (like some i have to do with

But you live in a GUI world and I live in a CLI world.

i for example live in both worlds. GUI for many things, and CLI for
those things where the GUI exposes its shortcomings. That's why i say
Cygwin makes that OS complete.

And no, cmd does not count as a shell.

And yes, it do counts as a shell. By definition.

Using cmd to argue about cli is a mistake.

Much like looking at the big churches and judging about God.

Now that's off-topic by far..


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