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Re: Permissions change concern

On 4/18/2016 6:18 AM, Corinna Vinschen wrote:
On Apr 16 22:17, Eliot Moss wrote:
Dear Corinna (et al.):  I have set up to use a separate group that I call
Cygwin for files in my cygwin tree, and in the recent past have been able to
apply chown, chgrp, and chmod effectively.  With the latest version, chmod
fails to change permissions, though I can change them with setfacl (a pain).
The specific behavior I get is that chmod 644 on the file has no
effect on the file's permissions - they stay at 774.

So, has something in cygwin "broken", or is there some setting I
should be doing a different way?

It's broken.  I added a small code snippet in 2.5.0 which was supposed
to avoid writing a NULL SID ACE in case the POSIX permissions are simple
enough.  The condition under which to write the NULL SID ACE was...
uhm... not well thought through.

I applied a fix and I built new developer snapshots available on

Please give'em a try.  Since I'm going on vacation end of this week,
I intend to provide a fixed 2.5.1 ASAP.

Yes, that's better.  I still have two confusions, though:

1) If a directory says:


  and my umask is 022

  when I create a new file by "echo test >",'s
  perms are 644, not the 755 I would expect.

2) If the directory has g+s set (visible from -s- in the flags shown
   by getfacl), the directory's group is Cygwin, and my primary group is moss,
   then the file gets created with group moss, not group Cygwin (which is
   what g+s is supposed to mean, right?)

Thank you for your help!   Eliot Moss

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