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Re: Admin can access all files in nonadmin user cygwin file tree

Corinna Vinschen <corinna-cygwin <at>> writes:
> On Windows it's not sufficient to be admin to have all admin access.
> Applications have to request certain privileges explicitely and many
> native tools on Windows just don't do that, so they fail.  The
> Cygwin DLL requests these privilieges for Cygwin executables under
> the hood.

Thank you, Corinna.  It's reassuring that this is known and
designed-for behaviour.

Having said that, I just contrast the above earnest use of the term
"designed-for" with the abuse of that term by another juggernaut of a
software company that always refers to its architectural or functional
gobsmacks as behaviour that is "by design".  What they mean is that
the designers goofed, and the resulting design is....well, it is what
you get.  I marvel at the desparation in such an attempt at spin

And just to be clear, I'm *contrasting* that with cygwin's mindful
design.  So no flames, please.

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